I am an entrepreneur with a technical background currently living and working in NYC. I'm the Co-Founder of IrisVR and am focused on building enterprise Virtual and Augmented Reality tools for 3D design pros. Besides VR/AR, my current tech fixations are microservice architectures, distributed computing, devops, and high availability systems.

Previously, I was a Physics Major at Middlebury College where I also studied Math and Computer Science. Then, I worked with Shane Scranton at Lightwell3D where I gained a completely new appreciation for 3D design and learned quickly that every detail we take for granted in the built environment is intentional. I have also experienced what it's like to work with the most amazing professional team at Ergo and have gained insight into public equity investing at Trafelet.

Before moving to NY, I was a roadie, a mountain biker, and an avid bread baker. I love the outdoors and still find time to enjoy the sunrise with a run on the East River. My ideal morning begins with total silence, a hot cup of coffee, and hard work rewarded with a nice view.