On adblock and business

After Apple opened iOS9 to add-blocking apps, the tech community has been in a bit of an uproar. As they are wont to do, bloggers and pundits have escalated the »

Siri, give us a hint about VR

Immersive computing is going to be the biggest digital interface paradigm shift of the next couple of decades and AR and VR are about to take off. This is certain; »

Pros and cons of accelerators

Now that Techstars NYC is ramping up for the fall 2015 class and accepting applications through June 28th, startup founders must be asking the question: Will TSNYC'15 (.5) actually help »

Techstars demo day, from the inside

This post was inspired by an article on Fortune's site by Erin Griffith titled Inside a startup accelerator demo day: Techstars New York. Erin makes a lot of good points, »

Will AR and VR converge?

Last Thursday I went to the April Virtual Reality Meetup here in NYC where Ken Perlin, professor of Computer Science and Director of the NYU Media Research Lab, defined the »