Daydream View at Made by Google

A few new Google ads have gone up around the city featuring a small, centered Google "G" subtitled with the address of their new Soho popup showroom, 96 Spring St. »

Drivers and Updates

The curse of the auto update If your PC is running one of the dominant operating systems other than Linux or OSX, you are undoubtedly familiar with the feeling of »

Positional tracking deconstructed

When it comes to positional tracking, some VR devices do a great job, while some lack the capability entirely. It's one of the key differentiators between existing Mobile VR solutions »

Advertising returns to earth

This post in inspired by a question I answered on Quora about how VR will change advertising. In short, VR is going to enable the design of more efficient and »

Medium defines VR

With much fanfare, Brendan Iribe announced Oculus Medium at their VR-focused conference Oculus Connect yesterday. Think of Oculus Medium as the MS Paint of Virtual Reality, the parallel drawn by »