Nate Beatty

Physics geek and software developer in Burlington, VT

Selected Projects

Emergency Compliment

I worked with Megs Senk to code the redesign her popular website which delivers the perfect quirky compliment, just in the nick of time.

Foucault Pendulum Simulation

I have been working with various experimental web tools recently to build virtual 3D environments. This was a "hello world" demo that I wrote to learn a bit about three.js and WebGL.

Iris VR Splashpage

Based on Shane Scranton's design, I coded a splashpage to promote Iris, our project using the Oculus Rift to visualize space in 3D. It is the second site to use our custom company CSS boilerplate, Stabilized.

Connor Cabinetry Portfolio Site

It was a pleasure to help Shane Scranton code up his beautifully designed portfolio page for Connor Homes' custom cabinetry line.

Connor Homes Dynamic Content

I worked withLightwell to implement a custom database and content management system for the new Connor Homes company homepage.

Ramble iOS App and SDK

Ramble is a complete Software Development Kit and iOS applicaion created by team Strabo in conjunction with our strategic partners at Green Mountain Digital in 2012.

MiddCycling Homepage

Middlebury Cycling needed a custom homepage during my time at Middlebury. Soon, it will be ported to Wordpress so that it can be easily maintained by the current and future team.